Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Phebe & Gerry - "Street Session"

Well tonight was a pretty nice evening out...a perfect night to take the three block stroll for a chocolate malt at K&W here in Springboro......definitely a little cooler and less humid than the night that Phebe, Gerry and myself headed out for their engagement session!

Because of the temps we started out with a few shots here at the studio, and then high-tailed it to downtown Dayton to catch the last of the evening light. Gerry had flown in for the weekend from Texas - so we had to make something happen!Here's a few favorites from the night...!

One from the studio.......

I'd say we had some fun with the night shots........

Despite the temps, they stayed "cool" and relaxed the whole time - and it showed.....!

Here's one of my favorite grabs of the night...it just has that city night life feel...maybe I'll call it the "New York Minute" look since that's the Don Henly song in the background right now.

Congratulations you two!!

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