Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tasting in Burgundy: Laboure Roi

Creeeeek......I mentioned I would bring out a few pics from the here we go - opening up the vault! A number of years back I was fortunate enough to be part of a wine related business trip to France. We spent 17 days traveling through most every major wine region. The result was nearly 1200 photos! It was a truly amazing trip filled with many visits to some of the best producers in France. Something I will certainly never forget. We did stay in Burgundy for three days and tasted some incredible wines. One of our visits was to the negociant Laboure Roi. Their cellars are beautiful - and huge too! Here's three photos from that evening.....

Tasting in their cellars by candlelight.....

After a wonderful time tasting and touring the cellars. We were back later that evening for a special dinner. This area was actually part of the entrance to their cellars - it was absolutely huge! When I took this photo I was standing at ground level at the top of some stairs. To the far right of the end of the table was another set of stairs that then led you further underground into the main cellar. That's how large it was! We had a wonderful time that evening!

I love touring France! Know anyone wanting to get married in France? Need a photographer? Serious discounts may apply!

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