Sunday, October 22, 2006

"Call Backs": Dawn & Jeremy

I thought I would occaisionally catch up with past couples, take a few pics, and ask a few questions. First up is Dawn & Jeremy - their wedding was in July 2005, in Oxford, Ohio. If you would like to see some highlights from their day you can check them out in my Wedding Galleries.

1. Your favorite thing about marraige is:

Dawn: Totally Cliche but... waking up each morning to my best friend and love of my life!

Jeremy: Realizing I love her more and more everyday when I didn't think I could possibly love her more.

2. The hardest thing about marraige is:

Dawn: Compromise/Admitting when I'm wrong

Jeremy: Think for two people instead of one.

3. Your tip to other newlyweds:

Dawn: Jeremy and I pray together everyday that God will bless our marriage and will help us to serve one another. When you're praying for your spouse it's a lot harder to get mad at them over little things!

Jeremy: Same as Dawn's advice.

4. Best wedding planning tip:

Dawn: When opening wedding gifts have someone write the gift on the inside of the card (because all Brides save their wedding cards right)! A loose sheet of paper can easily get misplaced but this way when you go to send out thank you notes you have the person and gift right inside the card! And it's fun to reread the cards when you're not so excited about opening all the gifts!

Jeremy: Eat before the wedding since you won't eat at your own reception!

5. What stands out to you from your wedding day?:

Dawn: How fast that day went/how much money we spent for a few hours!

Jeremy: How beautiful my bride was.

6. What are your future plans for the coming year?:

Dawn: Jeremy to receive his commission in the Air Force and to move wherever the military sends us. Looking forward to getting settled in a new area (hopefully San Antonio, TX)!

Jeremy: Finding a new church, friends etc...

"It was good to see you two again and chat a bit! Best wishes in these coming years"
- Darrin

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