Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Galleries Updated..and more!!

If you havn't seen yet...I did a complete galleries overhaul over Christmas! The new gallery section is Flash based - so it does take a bit longer to load, but it does have a nice slideshow feature. There is still plenty of pictures! In addition to a mix of weddings, I did add a gallery for the "Street Sessions" which were new in the second half of 2006. Also newly featured weddings include: Phebe & Gerry, Andrea & Tony, and Gretchen & Britt. I will be highlighting a couple more weddings from this year shortly, and I am also trying to put together my favorite 10 (or so...) images from 2006.

Chatbox! Feel free to say hi on the Chatbox...I thought I would give it a try since it's kind of a fun way to get some feedback or answer questions everyone (including other photographers) tend to have.

For my California Brides: Currently I will be offering "No Travel Fees" for the weekends from May 26th through June 30th, September 15th through October 6th, and also the end of the year - December 22nd & 29th. Any other dates will require a travel quote. Already booked are: June 9th & September 22nd.

The Ultimate Honeymoon/Anniversary/Vacation: Do you love the combination of Wine, Food and Photography as much as I do? Some of you may be aware that my other area of expertise is in the world of wine and food. Currently I am working on ways to intertwine the three into an incredible experience. You will hear more about this over time - but imagine being on your own private tours of vineyards, cozy romantic dinners at first class restaurants, and staying in great little hotels and inns that have unique atmosphere. Then imagine you have your very own sommelier there for the tours, and photographer to cover all of the events. The first offers will be for California's Central Coast (Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, etc...think the movie "Sideways") and also France. (my personal favorite!) Eventually I hope to add Italy too. Couples will come back from a once-in-a-lifetime experience and also have their own elegant book to remember it by, as well as a DVD and plenty of images! The goal is to blend in plenty of alone time with some of these very special events. Can you imagine a "Street Session" in downtown Santa Barbara or in the streets of Paris and Lyon? I can.....

I'll keep you posted....we're going to have some fun with this!

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