Monday, February 11, 2008

Trash The Dress - Cincinnati Style!

If you're not familiar with quite yet, be sure to check it out for some of the most creative Bridal photography out there! The last quarter of 2007 saw myself get in 2 different TTD sessions...I'll share the first one with you right now and save the other for later! Look and read on for some notes about TTD and a few shots of friend and fellow photographer, Deanna Keeton. First up is some shots from Cincinnati's Ault Park.

TTD Question #1: Are the dresses really ruined?

Most of the time it's just a matter of getting wet, dirty, muddy, you name it....and the dresses can still be cleaned and saved or donated. Doing a TTD session doesn't have to destroy the dress...I like the opinion that the shoots are more about the bride than the's an opportunity to get some great images in unique and even challenging settings!

Next are some shots from one of Cincinnati's great landmarks: Union Terminal! Fortunately it was early enough, and school was in session, so there was not a lot of student traffic there to visit the Museum! We still attracted some attention from everyone walking in, and actually shot for a solid 20 minutes before security kicked us out!...Just as we were about to get Deanna really wet in the fountain! Ugh!

TTD Question #2: Why Trash The Dress?

Why? Well, take a peak at the TTD site for some inspiration and other reasons....but let's face it - You don't plan on needing it again, right? Not to mention your daughter will never wear it... :) So the result is some killer images!

Does she have this down, or what? Trust me, she's great behind the camera too!

TTD Question #3: Can I do a TTD?

For all of my brides whose wedding I will be photographing, I will do a TTD session (and incorporate your husband too) for FREE. Ask for more details!

If I am not photographing your wedding, I will consider a free session, I just recommend being willing to be a little adventurous! If you want to be considered for a session, feel free to call or email.

We had a blast doing the shoot!...A special thanks goes out to Grace who snapped away with the second camera, and also had child corralling duties! Here's a few behind the scenes shots....


Kelly S said...

Awesome pics Darrin. I love the green in the fountain. Cant wait to see more.

Kelly Settle

Erin said...

Hi Darrin! I love TTD's, I am a graphic designer and photographer. and and I have shot 2 TTD sessions. Soooo much fun! My husband and I did one for another photographer. I would love to do another one with you and I am interested in your free session if its still available. I am very willing to be super creative! For ours we were neck deep in awful swampy water, but so much fun. Let me know if you need a model! There is a picture of my husband and myself on my web site under about | proofs > bio, the top picture. I have a dress that I can trash. A bride wore it for one of my TTD and it is still like new. Thanks, Erin Connell