Thursday, July 03, 2008

Photography tutoring and coaching is coming soon!

I thought I would give you a heads up for the photography tutoring I will be offering starting in August. More than ever I’ve been getting requests from people who want to learn how to get the most out of their DSLR cameras, especially from parents who mostly want to take great photos of their children. Whether it be general photos, playing sports and capturing other action, or taking some nice portraits, it’s easier than ever for people to do so with even just a little bit of coaching!

There are a variety of things in the works, including some opportunities for aspiring professionals and advanced amateurs – workshops, etc…look for more details on those a little later on. I would suggest subscribing to the blog to get the first word on those events. For now, I will be offering some one on one coaching. This is strictly for those that own DSLR cameras (where you can change the lenses). At the moment I am offering the following two sessions:

Basics Crash Course (4 hours $175)
I will show you, with your camera (and mine) the key functions you need to know that will help you get the most out of your camera. I will help get you out of “automatic” and “scene modes”. You will learn about white balance, changing key settings, understanding light and what to look for, lenses and lens selection, and I will go through many of your menus with you and show you tips and tricks to up your picture performance big time!

Extended Crash Course with Shooting (4 hours $275)
This is especially designed for the parent that really wants to learn how to get some great shots of their children and/or pets(s). This will be a special session where we will spend about 3 hours going through the basics and demonstrating, then in the last hour we will put to use what we have learned and photograph your child/children or pet(s). We will have subjects! This will include tips on shooting in a natural, photojournalistic style, and a little posing too if we can. The extra benefit to this is that I will also be shooting and you will receive a set of my files from the shoot also, with reprinting rights! A small handful of my shots will be completely edited for you as well. This is like getting the education and a photo shoot too!

Availability will be limited on these and based on my schedule. I will take on sessions as I can. More details will follow….if you would like to get a jump on the scheduling of a session let me know!

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