Saturday, October 11, 2008

A little Trash the Dress teaser...

Well, I thought I might throw a tease up from last weekend's Trash the Dress in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati….since I know there's a few curious souls out there. Every time I do a shoot…it doesn't matter what type it is – I always find myself picking out maybe a half dozen images to play around with quickly….it kind of gives me a feel for where things might be going…then a little later – maybe days or a couple weeks – depending on my work load – I then start the real post-processing. I'm not very methodical about it – I like to just see where things take me. So, with that, here's four images that jumped out to me from the TTD shoot with Julie and Charlie last weekend. Julie first contacted me last spring after she came across the blog of the TTD I did with Deanna. She loved the concept and was up for anything. Generally, I am willing to shoot a TTD for free if the bride is willing to ramp it up a bit – it's got to be more than just rolling around on the grass! So we agreed that after their August wedding we would put something together!

Julie and Charlie live in Northern Kentucky, so we started out at Tower Park in Ft. Thomas. Great run down buildings, lots of peeling paint and brick. Security looked the other way for awhile, but eventually figured out we were breaking a few rules…fortunately just as we were getting ready to move on anyway! Here's a couple from Tower Park….

Next up was the real trashing….we needed water! Of course, out here around labor day, a lot of the fountains get turned off for the winter, but it just so happened that the one in the middle of Mirror Lake, in Cincinnati's gorgeous Eden Park, was still running. Perhaps best of all, the end of the "lake" we were going to work on was set back from the road and parking, so there was less of a chance of getting kicked out! We took it easy at first by getting Julie to lay back on the wall and just drape her dress into the water. Here's a quick clip of me giving Julie some direction as we got started. (Special thanks to Viktorya for helping out with the video and pics….and lenses…and remote flash… :) )

Here I am showing Julie the goal....all the way out to the fountain!

It was quite a ways for Julie to work herself out to the fountain...I think overall she spent a solid 15 minutes or so going out there and back. At least we didn't get kicked out!

This was a real favorite as Julie was working her way back.....

There you go...just a little sampling of the little bit of fun we had once again... :) We'll have some more a little later on!


Chris Mathews said...

Very cool! What a trooper to go out in that fountain knowing you could get busted!

Kimberly said...

These are so awesome! I wish I would of done this with my dress!

All your new pics you put up look so good!