Monday, June 29, 2009

Kelly & Ben...Cincinnati Street Session!

Here's a few favorites from Kelly & Ben's recent Street Session in Cincinnati! We spent a little bit of time at Newport on the Levee and Yeatman's Cove before heading downtown to Fountain Square.

We got to Fountain Square just as some of the sunset was hitting Carew Tower real nicely...happened to be a nice, lively evening on the square too with "Salsa Night" going on....

I've also been absolutely dying to somehow incorporate part of Netherland Plaza into a we headed over there to experiment with a couple of shots. It's nicknamed "the most beautiful room in Cincinnati", and with good reason. I had a couple of other ideas on how I wanted to use it though..more experimenting some other time I'm sure!

I wanted at least one shot to show the opulent entry area though....

We'll see you two in a few weeks!

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