Friday, April 13, 2007

New Studio Space!!!

New studio space! Well, I recently had the opportunity to move up the street about 1000 feet into an area that will allow me to do a lot more. The new location, still in Springboro’s Historical District “downtown”, will not only give me more shooting area, but also room for meetings and a small gallery area. There’s lots of plans in the works, including working on a shooting space in the finished upstairs too. A couple weeks ago I tore out the carpeting on the downstairs floor in preparation for this week’s refinishing of the wood floors.

About the building….apparently there used to be a college in between here and Waynesville well over 100 years ago. It is believed that this house was moved from that location where it was used as faculty housing. As a result it is on the National Register of Historical Places. With 9’ ceilings, a 15’x15’ room, a 9’x 9’ room and archways, it will work well for a variety of shooting situations. There is another 15’ x 20’ room and then the upstairs that will also serve limited studio purposes for the time being. Of course one of the really great bonuses is that it is commercial property with great roadside exposure. Window signage went up a couple weeks back – and today the plans for the commercial sign out front were approved. Hopefully I can have that up in a few weeks!

So things have been kind of hectic around here one way or another, including launching the wedding season. I’ll post some photos fairly soon here, including some other fun stuff in the works. Right now, here’s a few highlights from the new place…I can’t wait to do some before and after comparison later this summer. Here you go…

35 S. Main St. Springboro.....

Looking into what will be the new shooting area with meeting area and small gallery space.

Saying goodbye to the carpet....apparently in the "old days" they would only stain the wood in areas where the carpets were not covering...saves money!
I'll add more photos soon to show the new look!

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