Friday, May 11, 2007

Cassie & Nic Highlights

Greetings everyone! Here is a rather large highlight from Cassie & Nic's wedding in Piqua, Ohio. We ended up with a pretty fast paced day, and started with quite a bit of rain right up to ceremony time, but there ended up being plenty of great photo opportunities - so much so that I really had a hard time narrowing down what to share with you! Here's a variety from their day....!!

It's always fun to see what direction the photos take when I start to go back and work on them. Each wedding really is different...some lend themselves more to black & white, some really saturated colors, and others to the Cross Process style - or a host of other things too! Getting shots that work as Cross Process, like the ones above and below really depend on the quality of light. It doesn't always work. For Cassie & Nic, there were a lot of shots that worked very well for it. I like it best when it brings in that "fashiony" feel. The one below was one of my favorites.

Anytime we can do something a little different for formal shots - I love to do it. These stairs, that I used for Cassie and her parents, as well as some shots with the girls were perfect - although just a little cramped! The stained glass and woodwork made for perfect elements to bring your attention in and add interest. I know it was a tight squeeze but it worked!

This little guy was admiring his ring bearer gift, a pocketwatch, when I caught up with him after the ceremony.

We also ran back to Cassie's parent's house for a few quick pictures on the front porch swing...where Nic proposed.

Cassie: You HAD to be dizzy after this dance! I don't think I've ever seen someone spun so fast! Does everyone realize what it takes to make a wedding dress twirl!!!

Getting some cool air....

The father daughter dance is always a special time anyways...but it's also kind of difficult since I have two young daughters of my own! Focus!...must focus!

Every now and then...the most unique circumstances present themselves!

This old building was across the street from the reception - it made our little "getaway time" from the reception a no-brainer choice.

Yeah...Nic knew I was ready to take the I did....!

There you go! Take a moment and let me know what your favorites were!

Cassie & Nic - Best wishes to the two of you! Thank you for letting me a part of your day - it was a great way to start the season!

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jennifer Edgerton said...

enjoyed these photos, just stumbled upon your blog! I grew up in Dayton Ohio and love to go back now and then, if you ever need a second shooter for a great wedding in dayton, let me know! I may be up for it!!