Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Studio update...and catching up for 2008!

Wow! 2007 came and went so fast in a flurry of activity, especially these past few months. Right now, a lot has been evolving behind the scenes, and there is a lot more to come! 2007 brought with it plenty of changes, and of course the "slowly but surely" evolution of the studio is just one part. I figured I would share with you a couple of the shots of the space since it's been painted. Granted - more painting yet to come! This currently gives me a variety of shooting options with such "flexible" space. In addition to more changes on the first floor - later in 2008 will see the second floor shooting area (for late afternoon sunlight) see some use too. More to come as it happens...

Here's one of the window views...I thought it made the "perfect" favicon since it has become kind of a symbol for the studio and captures the atmosphere!

Coming Up...look for new and exciting things in 2008! Currently there is a lot waiting in the wings to be launched...including even some resources for other photographers. I will share more with you shortly!

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